April 23, 2014

Crowd Funding Seminar


March 18, 2014

Debt Management Seminar

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Be a Mentor - Testimonials

"Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in the Raj Manek Mentorship Program. While I certainly enjoyed working with my protege over the last year I also discovered benefits in the process for me and for my company.

It's energizing to work with someone young who has energy and excitement and new ideas. As well, though, I discovered that the whole process made me look at my own business with new eyes. Especially the marketing side. I re-examined some old stand bys and decided they needed to be changed or updated. Fresh insight helped me to improve several areas in my own office.

The old adage about receiving more than you give certainly held true for me and I'd be happy to continue as a mentor in your program. The return on time invested is definitely positive!"

Debby Criddle, CMA, President & CEO, Nightingale Nursing Group Inc.

"Eleanor Roosevelt observed "Learn from the mistakes of others; you won't live long enough to make them all yourself." The Raj Manek Mentorship Program has to be the most effective vehicle to transfer practical business knowledge to the aspiring entrepreneur - it's a two-way learning experience with immense rewards for both sides."

John Cross, President/CEO, Philom Bios Inc.

"I am very impressed with the efforts and professional way the Raj Manek Mentorship Program is run. This Program benefits both parties more than I could have imagined! I feel good about being part of this Project, and at my age, 60, feeling good is reserved for only a few special things in life. This Program is one of those special things."

Ken Achs, President/CEO, Mid-West Development Corporation

"Belonging to the Raj Manek Mentorship program has been a very rewarding experience. This program has supplied the opportunity for both mentors and proteges to share experience, ideas, and enthusiasm with each other as well as with other members of the group. Additionally, the program has provided presenters of a broad range of valuable business related seminars to which proteges and mentors would not normally have access. The value received through the exchange of ideas fostered by the Raj Manek Mentorship program has far outweighed the small amount of time required to be involved."

Bob Pitzel, President, Graphic-Ad, Humboldt